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Interact Application Suite

A suite of pre-built pre integrated easy to configure services that work alongside your system.


We provide financial services providers, including banks and building societies with the option to greatly enhance their customer-facing digital platforms in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

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Case Study

DF Capital implements digital self-service for retail customers in four months

man smiling at camera

Paul Atherton,
Operations Director at DF Capital

The challenge

Until the summer of 2021, DF Capital’s interactive channels included telephony and secure messaging, but needed to offer more flexibility to meet customer expectations. Following feedback from its savings account holders, the business decided to enhance the functionality of its digital self-serve capabilities.  This would allow savings customers to view balances, interact with their accounts, apply for new products online and enable them to make instant decisions on tasks, such as what they wanted to do when their fixed-term savings accounts mature.

DF Capital Screen 2

The solution

The ieDigital Interact application suite was implemented to provide the digital interactive channel to enable its savings customers to manage and self-serve their accounts, apply for new products on maturity, make payments, set savings goals and notice to withdraw.  Our Mambu partnership ensured a great three-way working relationship, which meant the bank could offer rapid deployment for its banking and lending services.

DF Capital chose to work with ieDigital because of our track record in helping banks build better relationships with their customers. This was considered a core prerequisite, as DF Capital places great importance on enabling its customers to have the very best digital experiences.

“Launching our retail savings offering created demand for more interactive services,” says Paul Atherton of DF Capital. “Retail banking customers have become accustomed over the last few years to having frictionless digital services. We knew this was what we needed to do: focus on digital enablement, and expand it to make it more interactive and more connected to our savings customers.”

For online banking and self-serving capability, the bank wanted something that was tried and tested, as well as established within the UK financial market.

“ieDigital is an important supplier to us because the services it provides are absolutely critical,” says Paul Atherton. “It’s why we chose an established provider rather than try to build a custom module.”

DF Capital Screen 1

The outcome

The ieDigital Interact application suite was implemented and fully configured in four months. Now that DF Capital customers have self-serve access to their accounts, they can make instant decisions on their savings. This has helped DF Capital implement automate manual processes, such as when customers make decisions about fixed-term savings maturity.

“The customer can now tell us what they want us to do with that maturity digitally,” says Paul Atherton, “and we can automate some of the responses off the back of that. It’s removed friction from the process and has made us a more lean operation.”

The functionality now in place that empowers customers to interact with their savings without manual intervention is the biggest outcome for DF Capital.

Our dedicated project support, speed to market, flexible approach and workshop sessions were crucial components in being able to transform the customer experience in a digital way. The key to the partnership’s success was flexibility, with agile project delivery methodology helping to ensure the timeline stayed relatively static.

DF Capital Logo 1

The client

Founded in 2016 as a business finance lender, DF Capital is a specialist savings and commercial lending bank. It was authorised as a bank in September 2020, which enabled DF Capital to begin offering personal savings accounts.


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